How to Sew a Bitchin’ Face Mask

This is the cover of the book, it is a lady, based on Rosy the riveter, and she is sewing a mask in that iconic pose

How to Sew a Bitchin’ Face Mask (Apple Books) by Anna Shannon is a step-by-step illustrated guide for the sewing novice.

Why ‘Bitchin?’

Why not? It made me laugh.

Not great at sewing but have a sewing machine? Want to sew by hand?

Not sure if elastics around the ears or long ties are the way you want to keep your mask on your face? No worries. Both versions are included.

What makes this book unique is Anna’s continuous encouragement, personal stories, and hot tips to help your mask-making be an unqualified success.

Wearing a mask isn’t always fun, so add some personality!