Book review: Disloyal: a memoir: the true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen

I joint-listened to Disloyal: a memoir: the true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump with my husband on our 5 km brisk walks through the alleys of our suburban neighbourhood. Alleys — because who wants to keep walking into the street every time someone walks toward you on the sidewalk.

Downside? Dogs barking at the sound of gravel crunching underfoot. Upside? You can say, “Fucking ‘ell,” my go-to swear, without worrying about children hearing you.

I said, “Fucking ‘ell,” a lot while listening to this book.

It’s incredible how despicable Donald and Michael are, and how horribly they’ve treated people. I don’t doubt what Michael Cohen says. He’s been in jail. He knows the risk in doubling down on lies. I do think that he’s left out some information, and I suspect that his own disloyalty started when he began shopping around his first memoir, back when he was still working for Donald, but after he realized he wouldn’t be repaid the Stormy Daniels’ bribe.


Michael obviously had help writing this book. Lawyers generally aren’t known for their skill in literary nonfiction-writing. I’m glad he did. The descriptions were concrete, and effective in bringing the reader into the scenes.

I could almost smell those golden showers.

I did feel like I needed a shower — not a golden one — after listening to Michael call Donald “Boss” and “Sir” and pile on his admiration for “Mr. President” over and over again.

But I do pity Michael. This book is a tragedy about how low a person can go to feel important. Michael describes working for Donald = being in a cult. I think that’s just what people say these days.

I think it all comes down to this: It’s tough being a guy.

How do you be a man? Wear a leather jacket? Be a tough guy?

We need better examples of real men, decent men, so that the Michaels of the world can grow up and be someone their family can be proud of.

This book is worth reading, or listening to, if that’s your jam. It sheds more light on the character of Donald, and confirms Mary Trump’s account in Too Much and Never Enough.

Just make sure you ingest this book in a place where you can swear freely and then take a shower.

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