Anna Shannon is a creative and technical writer and editor based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Treaty 7 land.

Current works in progress:

The Untold Story of Mrs. Buell

This historical novel follows the life of Alice, a portrait photographer in Quebec City in 1884, who chooses elopement to a celebrated photographer and entertainer over a traditional marriage. As they head west along the unfinished Canadian Pacific Railway, the Buells find themselves in the middle of the North-West Rebellion of 1885, and take the opportunity to not only travel with the army, but photograph the captured Indigenous chiefs and Louis Riel. As Alice comes to understand the politics around her, she realizes her marriage is less based on professional courtesy and more on the traditional hierarchy she tried to escape. As obstacles mount, she never gives up on her desire to live as a professional artist. When her husband’s past threatens to destroy everything, she must find a way to survive and be true to herself.

The Grand Spectacular: The Life and Work of Entertainer and Photographic Artist Oliver Brown Buell

Oliver Brown Buell was a photographer whose iconic images of Canada in the 19th Century are widely recognized, which begs the question: why does he remain virtually unknown?

Oliver lived in and toured Canada from 1873-1910 with his Canadian wife and children. He photographed some of the most iconic events and people in Canada’s post-Confederation history. Hired as an official photographer for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), he photographed national rail expansion, while collecting images for his own sold-out photography entertainments. These featured scenes from the 1885 North-West Rebellion and the trial of Louis Riel and portraits of Indigenous Chiefs, which are admired for their respectful and dignified depictions. Moreover, his shows that projected IMAX-like images on a 200’ high canvas screen promoted tourism and immigration.

Since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, his photographs of Indigenous subjects have been increasingly reproduced by the news media. And while historians have praised his work for its superior quality and unique artistry, there remains great mystery surrounding his career and his life.

The Grand Spectacular: The Life and Work of Entertainer and Photographic Artist Oliver Brown Buell will introduce readers to an important figure in Canadian history that has hitherto been overlooked. 


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Author Biography:

Anna Shannon (she/her) is a writer with publications in Book of Matches, Existere Journal of Arts & LiteratureNōD, Past Ten, Regulus Press, Remington Review and The Coachella Review. She holds credentials in psychology and professional writing from the University of Calgary and lives on Treaty 7 land in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Anna is a proud member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society.


Anna is available for contract work in technical writing and editing. Services include writing copy (web, articles), corporate governance items (minutes, terms of reference), speaking remarks, technical instructions, copyediting, proofreading and structural editing. Contact her for more information.

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